Fuel Management Systems

Measure Your Fuel Usage Across Your Entire Fleet

Improve Efficiency
Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Real Time Data
Real Time Data

Increase Your Overall Efficiency With One System

McGregor Diesel Fuel Management Solution allows you to measure your fuel usage across your entire eet. Improved visibility of fuel consumption and management of bulk fuel tanks and mobile storages is invaluable to any business that has a number of assets. The fuel management solution is integrated with Teletrac Navman software, allowing you to make proactive decisions with real-time information.

fuel alerts
Driver ID
Driver/Vehicle ID
theft control
Theft Control
custom reports
Custom Reports
mobile fuel tanks
Mobile Tanks
bulk fuel tanks
Bulk Tanks

Data collected produces various reporting giving productivity/vehicle efficiency and production by driver and asset. This information gives the user the power to manage their business while reducing cost and increasing productivity.

The McGregor Diesel Fuel Management system measures fuel usage in bulk fuel tanks and mobile storages. Users select low level points for their bulk fuel tanks, these minimum levels are entered and alerts are sent via text or email to the user. This system not only improves efficiency around fuel ordering, it allows for planning and cash ow management.

The dashboard provides quick and easy views of fuel levels in bulk fuel tanks and mobile storages, making management of fuel supply simple. Further, with the click of a button you can see graphical representation of various production, efficiency, and usage and driver behaviour.

McGregor Diesel’s Fuel Management System changes the way you manage your eet and bulk fuel supply. This system gives real-time information around fuel usage, ensuring your operation is running e ciently and safely.

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McGregor Diesel Fuel management is suitable for both bulk fuel tanks and mobile storages. Our solution delivers tank level monitoring, low level alerts and fuel ordering control. Our solution offers additional customisation including immobilisation and vehicle and driver identification.

  • Real time tank level measurement and recording
  • Low Level Alerts
  • Vehicle/Driver Identification
  • Volumes Delivered
  • Immobilisation
  • Theft Control
  • Customised Reporting


For both supplier and customer, the benefits of a fuel management system relate to open and transparent data disclosure. There is certainty that the fuel delivered accurately matches the delivery docket.

  • Identifies drivers transactions through ID Tag/Fob
  • Actuates ball valves to allow authorised deliveries
  • Stores accurate transaction data
  • Captures volume delivered
  • Cloud Based – real time data


The Fuel management system excels in the areas of fuelling efficiency, and reduces fuel theft. We track consumption of your fleet using ID Tags/Fobs. The system gives real-time information around fuel usage, ensuring your operation is running efficiently and safely. Seamless process and automatic reporting also reduce the burden of administering contractors or other parties that access fuel on your sites.

  • Improves accuracy of fuel records
  • Driver Identification – assets & drivers
  • Actuates ball valves automatically
  • Real Time Data – Cloud Based

Where is your fuel going?

  • Running out of fuel
  • Incorrect fuel logging
  • Is theft an issue
  • Ordering fuel
  • Time Planning
  • Volumes of fuel delivered
  • Who is getting the fuel
  • Climbing on fuel tanks to dip fuel (WH&S)
  • Track and record fuel used and received
  • Which vehicle accessed the fuel
  • Which operator access the fuel
  • What time fuel was taken
  • How much fuel was taken
  • Facilitates streamlined communications between drivers and the office
  • Set up alerts for fuel levels to improve efficiency around fuel ordering and planning cash flow management
  • Reduce opportunity of fuel theft with immobilsation
  • Real time monitoring
  • Low level fuel alerts
  • Fuel management control box with driver identification reader
  • Control unit wired to pump for authorisation
  • Power supplied by permanent power or solar
  • Low level fuel alerts available for multiple levels